Rules, Regulations, and Community Guidelines

Rules and Regulations as well as Community Guidelines are what keep large organizations functioning smoothly. Illuminati Gaming is no exception. Below are the rules, regulations, and community guidelines among each of our platforms. Ban guide lines for each platform will be given in their respective sections.


Discord is our primary instant messaging and voice chat platform. Backup communication methods in the event of a Discord outage will be provided after the Discord section.

  1. Be Respectful!
  2. Sending and/or distributing harmful material such as viruses, IP sniffers, or harmware will result in an immediate ban pending investigation.
  3. Spam is not tolerated in any form, including via direct messages to other members. Feel free to report spam activity via the #help-desk chat in Discord.
  4. Usage of excessive and/or extreme inappropriate language direct at other community members is strictly prohibited.
  5. Utilizing the @everyone, @administrator, @community admins, or @community moderator roles without proper reason is prohibited.
  6. Post content in the correct corresponding channel. If no such channel exists #general chat may be used. If you feel that a channel should be added for specific content submit a suggestion via the #help-desk channel.
  7. Do not post and/or provide personal information about other community members without expressed written consent.
  8. Follow community staff instruction at all times.
  9. No distribution of illegal content including, films, software, firmware, documents, or images.
  10. Have FUN

*Note: All activity and messages are subject to logging for auditing purposes across all Illuminati Gaming Discord Servers and/or Channels. Voice chat’s are NOT logged or recorded unless in designated channels, and when proper identification of such methods is taking place.