Illuminati Gaming is a casual gaming organization that focuses on building your gaming contacts to find people to play with. We are a variety group that plays all kinds of games from RPG to Racing and everything in between. If you feel like joining check out around the site at some of the different things we support and feel free to check out our forums and Discord to join!

New Friends

You might get the idea by now that inclusiveness is what we are all about. We allow anyone to join who is 13 years or older, or has parental consent. Come hang out and play some games!

Large Selection of Titles

Our group has a wide range of titles that we play as a larger group or smaller subsets based on our individual play styles. You can usually find someone to play with no matter what you are looking to play.

Discord Community

Discord is our primary communications platform. Multiple users active daily that are available for games or discussion! Click the icon to join and accept the rules and regulations to get started.